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BK Wines Mixed 6 Offer


Contains 1 bottle of each of the wines below.

Cheers Brendon Keys (BK) for the tasting notes.

Skin ‘n Bones White 2013 With the citric tang of nettle and hops – a cousin of the cannabis plant and with a similar aromatic fingerprint – this wine is a wild, herbaceous, end-of-summer romp by the hippies across a pungent meadow. Field flowers and dried lavender at the dusty end of the season with the first hints of autumnal crispness in the air. Textural, generous and fiercely aromatic.

One Ball Chardonnay 2013 Hailing from a vineyard that displays vintage variation with unabashed pride, this wine has taken on many personas through the vintages – from voluptuous Jessica Rabbit to waifish Kate Moss to canny, pretty Kate Middleton. 2013 evokes not so much an iconic woman as a canvas-like landscape – a spring meadow in blossom beneath the weight of a leaden sky before a storm. The tangy ozone pungency of anticipated rain hangs in the perfumed air. There is texture and substance to this scene, a tense stand-off between a floral foreground against a slate-grey, rumbling backdrop.

Swaby Chardonnay 2012 With majestic height and the grace that comes with physical strength, she is the impossibly wealthy and enviably blond mistress of the Meursault manor house. Having flown in for the summer, she pulls open oak-framed French doors allowing the deeply floral breeze to billow spring dust from the white curtains. Her heels click audibly along a polished granite hallway to the kitchen where she idly crunches a celery stick and surveys lunch preparations – provençale rabbit. Swaby 2012 evokes with unyielding elegance a vintage of comfort and success.

Skin ‘n Bones Pinot Noir 2013 Boundary-shifting artistry has traditionally been scorned by the invested academicians of the day. Even the term ‘impressionism’ was originally intended as scathing mockery of an avant-garde movement. But the beauty of the paintings was undeniable and in time the curious upstart became the beloved. What began in the BK winery in 2012 as an experiment in time-on-skins envelope pushing has developed with this new vintage into a stylistic genre. 100 days on skins and pressed at the peak of its character, the result is an autumnal, maple-leaf landscape. Sizzling bacon, pomegranate jam and wild-berry tea tannins. The seduction of true art lies in its continuous evolution.

Mazi Syrah 2012 From the same intense vineyard as our Sparks Grenache 2013 and built upon a similarly complex lattice-like structure. Darkly intricate and animated, with the vigour expected of a wine from biodynamic soils teeming with life. This one, however, sat back for 16 months in 100% new oak barrels, softening the timbre and easing the tension. Black tea tannins and a rich, berry compote, this wine is intended for cold winter nights, crackly fires and contemplative arrogance.

Cult Syrah 2013 Cult continues in its Russell Brand-esque tradition – brimming with wicked charm but somewhat risky to introduce to polite company. A refreshingly authentic, complex character who has embraced dangerous addictions in his relatively brief time and survived to preach with wizened authority. Vintage on vintage this has been a powerfully amplified wine shot through with fidgety anticipation and strident opinions. This year’s take has dense, hardwood and sarsparilla sturdiness at its core surrounded by a spiced, crackling aura of excitement.