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Jerome Prevost Champagne La Closerie Les Beguines Extra Brut LC17

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This really is a special wine. It's taken me many years of pesturing the importer to get an allocation and I couldn't be happier. Not only is this Champagne rare and highly sort after by all the wine geeks around the world, but it's one of a kind. I recommend decanting and serving it in a Burgundy glass to get the most out of it. Special, unique. - Chris L

Extra Brut. As you probably know, Jérôme Prévost doesn’t make vintage labelled Champagnes, but his wines are always of a single vintage and he puts a code on the bottle to indicate the year of harvest. This “LC” number (Lot Consigné), printed on the base of the label indicates the vintage. This bottling is LC16, so 2016.
Prévost’s 2.2 hectare vineyard, Les Béguines, is in Gueux, 10km west of Reims in the north of the region. Inherited from Jérôme’s grandmother, the site was planted in the 1960s with an old, slow growing, rootstock that descends deeply. Les Béguines is close to 100% Pinot Meunier, although there is a small amount of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Blanc, that was planted about a decade ago. The soil of Les Béguines is a layer cake of calcareous sand (Thanetian sand), and clay. The vineyard management is of course organic, with the soils cultivated and yields kept at balanced levels. Nothing is forced. The fruit is picked ripe and the wine is vinified without any additions in large format, used barrels for ten months. Bottled unfiltered, Prévost disgorges the wine after roughly 17 months on lees and adds approximately 2g/L dosage, (so extra brut). These are wines that always show better after time in bottle, five + years is ideal, but even a year or two makes a great difference. Frustrating but true. That’s not to say these wines won’t give pleasure when young and the striking 2016 is a case in point! - Importer Note

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Importer Note:

“It’s virtually impossible to be a hip wine bar or wine store in Paris, or, indeed anywhere, if you don’t have champagne from Jerome Prevost.” Peter Liem. 

Jerome Prévost is a micro grower producer based in the picture- perfect village of Gueux, on the edge of the Mountain de Reims or what the locals call la Petite Mountain. Here, in the north west of Champagne, he grows a tiny quantity of remarkable, age worthy Pinot Meunier from a single, two hectare plot of forty year old vines. His wines have garnered a cult following across the globe and are sold strictly on allocation. Sadly demand far outstrips supply and we get very little wine.

Peter Liem’s ( quote gives you an idea of the current frenzy for Prévost’s wines - “It’s virtually impossible to be a hip wine bar or wine store in Paris, or, indeed anywhere, if you don’t have champagne from Jerome Prevost. ...Selling a Prevost wine, or ordering one at a wine bar or restaurant has become almost a badge of honor, a secret sign that affirms your initiation into an exclusive club of those in the know. Unfortunately, with an annual production of only 13,000 bottles, Prevost’s wine is not always easy to obtain.”

The Prévost story is a long one. Let’s simplify and simply state that he inherited a vineyard from his grandmother and that it was his friend Anselme Selosse who encouraged and helped him to begin making wine from this parcel. His first vintage was 1998. Selosse let Prévost use his winery until 2003 after which Prévost began making the wine in the garage at the rear of his home in Gueux. Prévost is an artist at heart: he was a painter as a young man and later turned to sculpting, photography and other passions that he prefers to keep to himself. His interest in art has led to a number of artists coming to visit his Estate and work with him in his vineyards. He has also organised wine and poetry celebrations with many great French poets: Valérie Rouzeau, James Sacré, Bernard Bretonnière and even the famed American poet John Giorno. He once told me,“I like words because they are like vines, planted in the soils of culture.”Prévost’s vines were planted in the ‘60s before what Prévost calls the “...great industrial revolution in Champagne”. This was prior to mechanisation, chemicals and clones becoming the norm. So, for this reason, the vines were planted with a good rootstock that was based on quality rather than yield. It’s a rootstock that descends deeply but that takes far longer to grow above the ground; the opposite of what producers were looking for, post 70s.

Prévost’s idea is to produce one wine each year from one vineyard (les Béguines), one grape variety, Pinot Meunier, (although he has a few vines of co-planted Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc), and one vintage. He has occasionally released 'another’ cuvee: in fact exactly the same wine as the classic release, only left in barrel for an additional 12 months prior to the second fermentation in bottle. Sometimes Prévost also bottles a small amount of rosé. 

The wines of Jerome Prévost are as complex and as intriguing as the man himself. So how to sum them up in a few words? Tasting notes are useless as the wines shift, turn and evolve. Even when you open bottles of the same vintage (at different points in time) the wines are often very different. What we can say in general terms is that they are dry, vinous, aromatic, floral, spicy wines with huge energy, drive and longevity. They are textured yet very tightly wound. They are wildly complex, never boring, and they are great with food. They also benefit enormously from time (1-5 years) in the cellar. 

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Volume (ml)750ml
Winemaking PracticesNatural Wine
Vineyard PracticesOrganic/Biodynamic
Product typeWine Sparkling Champagne
VintageBibendum Wine Co

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