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Red Wine

Enjoy the plethora of red wines from Australia and around the world!

You'll find great selection of red wines from Australia, Italy, France, Spain and many other countries around the world. There are heaps of red wine varieties that you may never have heard of before as well as the classic varieties you've come to know and love. They are all here for you to explore, so what are you waiting for...

Red wines are made from black-skinned and red-skinned grape varieties in every wine producing country on earth. They are made from the genus vitis-vinifera. It is only the anthocyanins in the skins of red wine grapes that contain the colour. The pulp is clear so the red colour is acquired through skin contact during or before the fermentation process. The skins of red grape varieties generally contain higher levels of tannins compared to that of most white grape varieties, which give a more drying mouth-feel to the wine.

Red wines can come in a range of styles from light through to full bodied, simple to complex, elegant to muscular, fruity to savoury, and everything inbetween.