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Almost every wine producing region around the world produces a type of Rose, and from a huge variety of grapes. From the pale-coloured Provencal Rose, to the much darker, fruitier Rosado from Spain and Portugal, and everything in between, Rose remains an ever-popular style of wine. We’ve come a long way from Mateus!!

In terms of flavour profiles, Rose is as varied as the regions that make it. The Grenache-dominant Rose of Provence, is pale, dry and savoury, showing red berry characters with floral and herb notes. The more deeply-coloured wines from countries such as Spain and Italy tend to show fuller-bodied wines, with darker fruit characters. In Australia, Rose is made from all sorts of grapes, in a range of different styles. Grenache, Pinot Noir, and even Shiraz are used to make beautifully dry, complex wines that are perfect to enjoy during the warm summer evenings.