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Japan's gift to the world - Sake!

Sake is Japan's liquid gift to the world. Increasingly more popular globally, many of Japan's previously inactive brewers are reopening their doors and rediscovering their own historical links to this magical beverage. Most of the sake that we stock comes from small artisan producers who cling to the traditional hand-made methods such as limited or no pasturisation and using lesser polished grains which often produces sake with real character and depth of flavour unlike the super polished more commercial brands.

There are so many different styles of sake and learning all the terms is like learning another language. The styles can range from dry to sweet, fruity to savoury and have a multitude of textures that open even the most experience officienado's mind. If you're up for something different try the easy drinking red rice sake, or the zesty yuzushu as an aperitif, or the lively sparkling sake.

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