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Sparkling Wine

Enjoy the vivacious world of sparkling wines from Australia and around the world!

Sparkling wines are usually associated with special occasions such as weddings and 21st birthdays. There is something fun, celebratory and maybe a little frivolous in a glass of bubbling wine that really goes well with a party atmosphere and a happy occasion.

Sparkling wine has a higher acidity and more delicate flavour than still wine, and it is tricker to make as it involves capturing the bubbles created from the secondary fermentation process and trapping them in the bottle before they escape!

Sparkling wines can come in a variety of hues, from white to rosé and red. Australia produces several sparkling reds, with sparkling Shiraz being uniquely Australian in style and particularly popular. Sparkling reds are made from red grape varieties and a dosage of a sugar mix or fortified wine is used to balance out the larger levels of phenolic compounds in red grapes.

Click Sparkling Wine for more info, and just to get it straight, Champagne is only from the region of Champagne in France, otherwise it's called Sparkling. Got it?!