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Preservative Free Wines

What does the term "Preservative Free" really mean? There is really no such thing as preservative free. Preservative agents exist naturally in wine. Alcohol, acidity, tannin, sulfites and carbon dioxide all work to some degree as naturally occurring preservative agents in wine. What winemakers mean when they emblazon a label with the term "Preservative Free" is that there are no additions of preservatives. Sulfur, sulfites or SO2 more precisely is the most commonly used preservative agent not just in wine but food more generally. It has been used as a preservative since Roman times. There are very few of us who truly suffer from an allergic reaction to sulfur. The simplest test is to see if you react after consuming dried apricots. Dried apricots are loaded with SO2 whereas wine typically contains less than 60 parts per million. From what we understand the most common allergic reactions (stuffed nose, sneezing, flushed complexion and headache) are caused by naturally occurring histamines or by drinking too many glasses. Does "organic/biodynamic" mean preservative free? Sulfur (SO2) is permitted under both Organic and Biodynamic certification laws worldwide but most of those producers tend to have a mindset that means they keep additions to a minimum.