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Vouette Sorbee Champagne Saignee de Sorbee NV

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Importer Note:

Then there is Vouette’s cause célèbre, Saignée de Sorbée: a thrilling, idiosyncratic, sappy, stemmy, peppery rosé that can be thought of as a delicious light red as much as a rosé Champagne. The Sorbée plot is a little plateau above the slope where Vouette sits, and is almost pure Portlandian limestone, something very rare in Champagne. The site is almost flat, with a slight exposition towards the southwest. Gautherot harvests here in multiple passes, with only the smallest bunches and ripest fruit making it into his saignée. Sorbée is the vineyard that gives Bertrand the least stress. The vines here are between 28 and 45 years old and were always cultivated, since at least the 1860s, with no herbicides ever used. Gautherot feels that this made it easier to transition this site to his biodynamic practices.

This bottling comes entirely from the 2014 vintage – uncrushed whole grapes were macerated for six days in an open wooden vat before pressing. Vinified entirely without sulphur, the wine was aged for 10 months in 400-litre barrels and was disgorged without dosage in November 2016. Just a drop dead gorgeous wine, packed with crunchy, red fruit notes, as well as some resinous, sappy, stemmy notes. The hints of spicy, white pepper reflect Sorbée’s Portlandian soil. And there’s also loads of earthy complexity and tangy freshness that again honours the soil and the wine’s zero dosage. All in all, it’s an endlessly fascinating wine that demands food.

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“Like many artisan Champagnes, the Vouette et Sorbée are wines first and foremost. They should be opened in advance, given some air and served in regular white wine glasses, never flutes. All of the wines are fermented in barrel, using only indigenous yeasts. There is no cold stabilization, fining or filtering and the wines are bottled with no dosage. When the wines are on, they are among the most exciting wines being made in Champagne. Bertrand Gautherot crafts gorgeous, handmade wine loaded with personality.” Antonio Galloni

“The Champagnes of Vouette et Sorbée are uncompromisingly original, possessing deep, vinous aromas and assertive personalities. These are wines before they are Champagnes, and their intensity of character makes them more suitable to contemplative drinking or to accompanying food than to casual sipping. They are clearly the products of a natural philosophy of viticulture, with all that that implies in the French wine world…” Peter Liem

Importer Note:

A gentleman and a farmer, Bertrand Gautherot is today one of the more influential growers in Champagne, especially in the Aube where he is encouraging young growers to make their own wines or to sell to local, high quality producers rather than to the big houses further north. Today we offer his latest releases of the wines from this uncompromising producer including Fidèle, Saignée de Sorbée and Blanc d’Argile, as well as our first allocation of Extrait, Gautherot’s late-disgorged vintage cuvée, and our second allocation of Textures - a varietal Pinot Blanc partly raised in amphora. 

The key points: Vouette et Sorbée’s vineyards have been certified biodynamic since 1998. With the exception of the Fidèle cuvée, Gautherot’s wines all come from a single harvest, noted by the “R” number on the back label. Even Fidèle includes only 5-10% reserve wine, so it would be eligible to be called a ‘vintage wine” in any other region. These are all super complex, textural, yet savoury wines made with low (or no) sulphur and without a drop of dosage. They are the products of low-yielding, ripe fruit, intense, limestone driven minerality, and a farmer who abhors manipulation. They are also delicious wines of great transparency and sense of place. They could not be more authentic.

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Volume (ml)750ml
Winemaking PracticesMinimal Intervention
Vineyard PracticesOrganic/Biodynamic
Product typeWine Sparkling Champagne

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