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Werlitsch Styria ex Vero 2 White 2006 (Orange)

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The Ex Vero II is a wine from the vineyard - it's not about variety but place. Where the Ex Vero I is from the heavier clay soils, the Ex Vero II is from leaner soils found at higher elevation making more complex wines (and the Ex Vero III from even leaner soils). So to the taste...

I'd love to try these wines side-by-side to understand the Werlitsch ways, but since this is an isolated bottle with a handful of charcuterie on a hot day my tasting note will have to do...

Give this wine time to open and don't drink it super chilled. Aromas bounce. Cumquat and unsweatened orange marmalade, but not sweet, more savoury. It's oxidative and skinsy on the palate making it savoury and rich yet with plenty of acidity that begs for food. This is a delicious wine, one I love to enjoy.

- Chris L

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Winery Notes: Although uncommon, it is attractive for us and has proved itself to present our wines in the form of cuvees. Ewald Tscheppe: "With cuvees, I can bring out the complexity of our vineyards exactly as they appear. My work in the cellar remains unmanipulative. I save myself the variety regulations, conceptions and expectations that the mechanised wine industry has developed. All I want is to extract the complete potential of a grape and bring it into harmony in the wine." This may be a challenging thought for the wine-lover. But all a wine drinker needs is an open mind and curiosity to discover and enjoy the rich facets of a cuvee. Therefore, wine for highest standards. Our winemaking: Work in the wine cellar is a quiet but very attentive accompanying of wine in its development and maturation. The grape juice ferments in wooden barrels of various sizes on its own natural producing yeasts; every lot for itself. Development of the wine occurs further in wood barrels. Each wine needs its own time to mature. Our wines need a minimum of 22 months for this. Within this time, all wines from the given year and from each vineyard location mature together harmoniously, similar to that of an attentive orchestra. We interfere only in the stabilisation of the protein in the wine an adding only a small amount of sulphur. By way of this caring and long maturation, our wines are pleasant and tasty to enjoy.

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Volume (ml)750ml
Winemaking PracticesNatural Wine
Vineyard PracticesOrganic/Biodynamic
Product typeWine White Other Varietal/Blends

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