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White Wine

Enjoy the plethora of white wines from Australia and around the world!
Check out our whites!  There are every-day well-known white wine varieties, as well as some of the more obscure types from all around the world. Take a look to find a wide variety of Sauvignon Blancs, Chardonnays and other popular whites, or lesser-known wines such as Albarino, Picpoul, Garganega and various other varieties.

White wines are most commonly made from white grape varieties. In some cases, however, a white wine can be produced from a red grape variety by immediately pressing the juice out of the berry and discarding the red skins. 

Orange, or skin contact, wines are increasingly popular these days.  These wines are produced by leaving the white skins in contact with the juice or pulp for extended periods of time. Over time the yellow/orange/pink colour of the skins is extracted into the wine along with different flavour and phenolic (tannin) compounds. Keep an open mind and enjoy these styles with food.

White wines come in a range of styles from lean to rich, fruity to mineral, white to orange, austere to viscous, and everything inbetween.