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Garganega / Grecanico

A grape grown in the rich volcanic soils of Sicily, it is relatively unknown by its Sicilian name. It is far more widely known by its Northern Italian name: Garganega. In the Veneto region, this grape is responsible for the beautifully crisp and mineral-driven wines from Soave.

In Sicily, Grecanico is usually left to ripen on the vine a little later than its Northern counterpart, producing wines that are a little richer and more aromatic. The wines are often described as showing ripe tropical fruits with a tangy acidity and subtle minerality.

Soave, on the other hand, uses Garganega to produce wines that are all about the minerality. Citrus notes, with subtle florals provide the background to Soave’s hallmark: a beautiful, focused mineral edge that keeps the wines on track through to the finish.