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Mondeuse, or Mondeuse Noir is a native French grape, grown predominantly in the Savoie region of Eastern France. It is one of the grapes permitted to make Vin de Savoie, as well as being produced as a single varietal wine in the sub-appellation of Bugey. For many years, it was confused with the Italian grape Refosco, due to its high acidity and potential bitter cherry flavours. However, ampelographers have shown that the two grapes are unrelated.

The wines from Mondeuse tend to be deeply coloured and quite aromatic, with tart acidity and medium to high levels of tannin. Similar to some Italian wines, Mondeuse shows dark fruit, spice and a varietal bitter cherry tone. When given time to ripen fully though, the resulting wines can be lovely, fruit-forward reds, with a great capacity to age.