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Other French Sparkling

Champagne will forever be considered the standard-bearer when it comes to sparkling wines. However, connoisseurs are acutely aware that there are other French sparkling wines outside of the Champagne region. While winemakers in other parts of the world may try to imitate Champagne, most other French sparkling wine producers are proud to offer wines that display the unique characteristics of their respective appellations.

Perhaps the most famous and sought after French sparkling wines after Champagne are those with the ‘Crémant’ designation. With stringent production criteria and produced using the same in-bottle ‘traditional method’ (known as méthode champenoise before the Champagne region successfully lobbied the EU for exclusive rights to the term), the quality of these appellations is of the highest order, as displayed by Crémant de Bourgogne, Crémant de Bordeaux and many more. 

Beyond Crémant, other French sparkling wines may include appellations reserved exclusively for sparkling varieties, while others may produce both still and sparkling vintages. Those with the suffix Mousseux are of the former kind – Mousseux being French for ‘sparkling.’ With additional winemaking procedures such as the Charmat method in play, and a host of white, rosé and even red grape varieties, the differing types of French sparkling wine offer a cornucopia of options for the discerning ‘bubbly’ drinker.

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