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Red Sparkling

For the last couple of decades, you have been hard pressed to find a wine aficionado that would willingly buy sparkling red wine. This is largely due to the unfortunate misconception that sparkling reds taste like the mainstream offerings from the 1970s and 1980s – cloyingly sweet and woefully unrefined. However, in truth, fine winemakers have long been producing excellent examples of red sparkling wine, and still do so to this day. These can offer a refreshingly different drinking experience as well as creating some memorable pairings.

If you would like to buy sparkling red wine, it is best to look towards the European states of Italy and Moldova – as well as right here in Australia. Italy is the best-known producer and offers perhaps the two most renowned varieties: Lambrusco and Brachetto. Lambrusco varies from sweet (dolce) to dry (secco) – the former pairing excellently with waffles and deserts while the latter matches well with casual fare such as hamburgers and pepperoni pizza. Brachetto, meanwhile, is sweet by nature. With its subtle candied flavours and ample floral aromas, sampling high-quality Brachetto may very well result in the discovery of your new favourite cheese or chocolate pairing. Here on our own shores, we specialise in a Shiraz sparkling red – the resulting off-dry wine with flavours of darker berries is excellent as a breakfast wine or when paired with tangy BBQ.

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